Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SQL Saturday Atlanta BI Edition 2016

When it comes to MS-SQL, there is no better way to learn and to be part of the community than coming to SQL Saturday events. Through out my IT career I have always considered my self to be a developer. Once in a while I have been asked to write report (Cognos and other tools) but I never been completely immersed into Business Intelligence.

While working on a project for U.S. Xpress, Inc. I have began to explore capabilities of SSRS reports combined with extreme amount of geo-spatial data that company collects. Very quickly I began to realize how much help visualization of data can bring, when instead of just looking at Lat-Long points in the database you begin to combine data on the map to better understand what is happening to entire fleet.

This has given me an idea for a session for SQL Saturday. After drafting abstract based on work that I have done for the company, all I had to do is wait for event schedule to come out. Today I received the news that I will be speaking at event. Now I need to combine work into a single presentation and demonstration that can be followed and shared easily.

My presentation is title "Insight through spatial data", it will follow several example that I focused on during my work on Lean Six Sigma project which was designed to place information in the hands of right people who could better manage multiple aspects of our organization. All other details will be presented at the session and after the fact uploaded for download from SQL Saturday event page.

Full schedule and more information about this event can be found at SQL Saturday #477 - Atlanta BI Edition

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