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Plan Explorer

As SQL Server developer I specialize in query performance tuning. To properly tune a query, it is an absolute necessity to look at execution plans. By default, the execution plans provided by SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) just fails to deliver the enterprise level solution that one would expect. When it comes to performance tuning, it is rarely simple query that needs to be optimized. Most of the time improvements required on stored procedures and queries that have ranged from couple hundred to couple thousand lines of code. When looking at execution plans in SSMS, space is extremely limited and can be difficult to pinpoint exact statement that is causing the slowdown. SQL Sentry Plan Explorer does not have any of those shortcomings. Simply by running a stored procedure, PE breaks it down and gives you duration for each statement and allow you to display plan just for the portion of you clicked on. For developers with multiple screens, it is possible to simply drag plan window to separate monitor to maximize view area which can be extremely helpful for oversized diagrams. The tool itself is free and can be downloaded without even supplying email information. Since fall of 2016 Plan Explorer offers all features at no cost in a single download package. This tool has truly become a must-have for all performance tuning developers. Can't beat free.

SQL Server 2016 Developer

This blog dedicated to SQL Server, therefore, I have to take some time to talk about SQL Server and how it is possible to download and run local instance free*. Microsoft now offers Developers edition of SQL Server free of charge. To have the platform I could use for my presentations, I needed to have SQL Server running on my location machine. Once I found out that Developer Edition is available for download it has eased the pain of trying to figure out how I can run a local instance. I am using Windows 10, which means I have access to Hyper-V, all I did was create a new guest, loaded Windows Server 2016 preview, and then loaded my SQL Server 2016. Now my computer is not flooded with software and services that I do not need all the time, but on another side, I can easily resume the guest to get everything I need.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

When it comes to learning the development platform, I have never been able to learn everything in school. No matter how good the school or instructors you have, there is always more that was never covered in the class. In the technology field, that problem is even clearer because of constant changes/advancements/upgrades. It is tough to keep up with changes by trying to learn technology just by using it. When I set out to look for a way to learn about changes to SQL Server, I have found Microsoft Virtual Academy. It shocks me when great content is available free of charge. By watching videos related to my particular field, I have been able to catch up and learn some of the new technologies that came out but never got used by me because I did not know about it. Check out this free resource and use it as much as possible.

SQL Saturday

This is one of my most popular topics. SQL Saturday is more than just one day free events to learn about SQL Server. To me, it has become a way to connect, share, improve and grow as a developer and to be part of #SQLFamily. By becoming regular attendee and later a speaker, I have developed my SQL Server skill more than I could describe. I have always learned a lot on the job from other people, but being able to interact with professional that have been in industry for many years and some of which designed, build or somehow participated in SQL Server. For being a free event, the training that you receive is top notch. Of course, some things depend on speaker selection. For example, if I speak at such even there is only so much you could learn, on another hand if you attend class by Kevin Kline there is so much more that he can teach you. With joking aside, every speaker brings something different to the table that makes them able to provide information. If for whatever reason, you do not like the session, just go to a different one. At the end of the day, all you had a chance to lose is one Saturday and some money for lunch.


Twitter has become the central place for SQL Server community to come together to share news, help each other with SQL related question and just to chat. I have expanded the use of Twitter after I realized how much I have been missing out. One of those things is hashtag #SQLHelp. By tweeting that hashtag and posting your question, you get help from other people in SQL Community that seem to monitor Twitter just looking for a chance to help other people. I had used this multiple times when I was not sure what I was doing or just needed advice on my problem. Just like with any other social media platform there is increased chatter that can get in the way. My personal promise is only to share information related to SQL Server, in one way or another. You are not going to find pictures of my cats ( I do not have any) or of what I had for dinner last night. I do not flood people with hundreds of tweets a day by hooking an app to broadcast my every move.


I first got introduced to LINQPad in college by a classmate. He used it to test small bits of C# code. In addition to writing C# code, he showed how to query DB with LINQ or TSQL straight out of the program. This was great as I did not want to have to install SSMS just to run simple CRUD statements. Later in work, I discovered that I could actually connect it to Oracle database and run SQL Statements without having to have "SQL Developer" or TOAD. At that point, LINQPad quickly became my go-to tool for storing and running SQL Scripts as it was light weight (under 20 MB) and did not require an install, just download, and extract. Recently during one of the upgrades to the program, I realized that it now comes with a dark scheme, which makes it even more enjoyable to use. This tool is free to download and use. There are some restrictions and additional features that can be purchased for a low price, but nothing is preventing you from downloading and using for free.

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