Friday, July 7, 2017

First three weeks as New Development Manager.

On Friday, June 16th I have officially stepped into my new role as New Development Manager at Civica CMI. Today completes my first three full weeks in the role. I would be lying if I said it was not a rollercoaster of up and downs trying to navigate new role while at the same time providing leadership to people who are very confused by sudden changes. For the first time today I feel like I have finally can take a short breather before diving back into a hectic world of managing software development.

In the long list of responsibilities for my role included a need to hire several developers to replace vacant position as well as new ones. I'm very excited to say that as of today I have hired three new employees, two of them starting on June 17th and one on June 24th. Two weeks from today I will have final follow-up interview for last open role on my team. I am grateful that I had an opportunity in the previous job to be part of interview process which taught me a lot about finding right candidates and filtering out not qualified ones. Only time will tell whether or not I made correct decisions, but I am willing to stand by everything and accept responsibility. If I screwed up, just need to own up to it and seek to do better next time.

Later this year I expect that I will need to expand IT department to include DBA, BI Developer, and possibly ETL Developer. My goal is to leverage my involvement in SQL Saturdays to utilize right avenue for finding candidates. Civica CMI is sponsoring SQL Saturday Columbus which gives me a great avenue to reach qualified candidates in the local market. In regards to a cost, it comes in a fraction of what anyone has to spend on trying to hire people through recruiting agency. Additionally, why not hire candidates who are taking time on a weekend to better themselves and to be prepared for their roles.

For now, I am loving being in new position even though it came with a huge list of responsibilities and challenges. Time at work flys quick and I put in a lot of overtime which has not bother me one bit. It seems that in the short time of being in this role I only managed to spend company's money on giving out well-deserved raises and hiring of new personnel. Time will tell how changes that I am implementing will affect company's bottom line. Just need to keep a positive attitude and push forward.

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